Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dream with the fishes

Fun and creative Merve Tuna is active as a conceptual artist and non-mainstream fashion designer. Seeing her always makes me feel happy. Today Merve is all about simplicity, going with sort of an Audrey Hepburn meets Nurse Betty look.

Style at the Money Exchange

Istanbul is made up of so many different cultures. Super-lovely and such a sweet person, Nellie comes from Kazakhstan, which is of course Central Asia. The eye-pleasing blue of her dress complements her hair and vice-versa, and the layering of the skirts are wonderfully timeless.

Jazzy man of Beyoğlu

Istanbul also is well-known for it's colorful eccentrics. I have actually been wanting to photograph this nice gentleman for some time, as I always see him out dressed so jazzy. Admire the alligator shoes, 90° cigarillo holder and lapel pins.

Red is the color of my heart

Alev is today's star of the boulevard in color coordination and chic accessories. I like how the graphic on her shirt matches her own appearance: vibrant and free-spirited. Such a fun ensemble - stylish and noticeable.

A rose and a smile in Tunel Square

Hüride's outfit is really cute, as well as the handbag... I like the pattern and the shoulder-strap design and how the hemline of the skirt is done with black mesh trim. Did she do that herself, I wonder? It finishes the overall look with a nice texture.

Summerstyle in Galata

On the famous street of the instrument shops, Gözde of Gözde Music pauses for a break. The whimsical colors and flowerbed patterns of her dress add festivity to her lovely smile. I especially enjoy the soft-denim elf boots. Gozde plays a song of style!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Istanbul or Tijuana?

Hint: Çarli (Charlie) no habla Español.