Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Backstage styling at Parkorman

The big outdoor festival season has begun and it was my first time to Parkorman. What a great place for a concert - situated in a forest with a large pool and lush green grass! It's a nice escape from the hectic pace of the city, without ever actually leaving it.

Anyway, in all the fun of that day I met Müge, who is looking very much what I would call summertime backstage style. So chill-out, comfortable and cool and I love the shades and hot sneaks.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The sun shines bright on Nisantası Meydanı

Esra Oflaz (of MTV Turkiye) on a beautiful day in in Nisantası.

Excerpt taken from a recent style watch article I did for Şamdan Plus:
"A very creative and sunny personality, Esra also definitely has style! Today looking every bit the masterpiece of style, we are absolutely dazzled by that belt. Wonderful shirt color and pattern. I am also curious about the jacket, even though not worn, I can see that it goes together with the shoes like a match made in heaven. Truly exciting fashion for a charming personality!"

Monday, May 14, 2007

By the stairs to Ludwig's place in Tunel

Fashion designer Onder Ozkan is definitely a talent to look out for. Always a stylish and friendly person and someone we admire very much at ISS. Thanks for all your help with our fashion shows, amigo.

Crushed satin-textured black denim jeans by, yes you guessed it: Onder.

Near Lokal and Sofyali in Tunel

This image is from our 2'debir photo shoot day. Her coat has such a great texture and shades of green - nice big buttons! Ipek Yaylacioglu is a creative photographer and also a styling wizard. See her fun gallery!

Style at the Kasimpasa street bazaar

I took this photo back on a chilly day in March while shopping for fresh foods in Kasimpasa. I thought I lost this great snapshot, but found it today. Hooraay!

Anyway, I think this nice guy, Kemal, is quite stylish and sporty-looking. Yes, you can find are style as well as spices at the markets in Istanbul.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Sunny Day at Galata Tower

Benan is looking very sweet on this most beautiful day. Summer must be here because all the jackets and coats are being left at home.

Benan is also a very talented young fashion designer here in Istanbul, photographed here on her way to Galata Moda. Her skirt is a lovely color of green and has such an interesting texture and natural flow to it.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Photographers photographed

Tolga and Merve chilling out on a Taksim backstreet. Smooth and relaxed, sporty and smart. Both are talented photographers, producing layout and styling for all the big fashion mags... very exciting work, indeed.

Merve has such a great ensemble today. How fun is that? Check the robot necklace, the sneaker shoe handbag and the cool vest.