Monday, February 26, 2007

Near Taksim Meydanı, across from Haci Baba

Smart, cool and magnetizing - action movie heroes for modern Istanbul.

Here's a game for you: match the names with the movies.
Gökçe, Aybüke, and Nagehan
Yamakasi, La Dolcé Vita and Fifth Element

Sunny day at the Maçka Teleferik

Charismatic and musically talented, Barkın Engin chills out in basic black, laid back. Barkın is a guitar player and founding member of Replikas, one of the hottest rock bands coming out of Istanbul in years.
"Gece kadar rahatsız etmiyor."

At Emek Sineması on windy morning

These fun characters are actually two new members of our street team. Both are wearing second-hand coats, Zeynep's jacket is from Bulgaria and Eflan's is from stolen from her sister.

Near Dogzstar, behind Ara Café

I've seen Murat and Birtu around Beyoğlu for months and always wanted to photograph them. These guys remind me of myself 20 years ago. Dogzstar

At the gate of Ağa Camii

Urban sophisticated and casual, Caner possesses a worldly charm.

Near the embassy on Istiklâl

Emrah rocks a cultural mix of styles with Converse, headphones and sunglasses with traditional Tibetan and Central Asian garments and fabrics. I think it conveys a sense of serenity and inner peace. :-)

Monday, February 12, 2007

At the Gates of Galatasaray Lisé

Lefter and Anastasia are looking beautiful today in colorful ensembles. Originally from the Greek island of Crete the spend much of their time in Istanbul, we talked about everything from food, culture and style.

The "Charlie's Angels" of Beyoğlu

Irem, Soliel and Emine of Mono, which is a cool, funky clothing shop by day and a nightclub after dark.

On Istiklal near Yesilçam Sinemasi

Cacharel is from DR Congo, speaks French, has a warm spirit and lots of style. I love the earth tones and stripe combinations between the scarf and pants. The shirt he has on under the jacket looks very cool, indeed!

At Aksanat Art Gallery in Taksim

Yasın and Tuğce looking sharp on a winter afternoon.

Near the Ağa Mosque, on the tramway tracks

Scandinavian Otto von Busch is wonderfully articulate and personable. He is a visiting professor at ITU and is affiliated with the upcoming Istanbul Biennale. Nice boots, Otto! :-)

Malik effendi in front of the Dutch Consulate

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Windy day at the Tünel tramway stop

Deniz is the definition of cute.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hayriye Caddesi, behind Galatasaray Lisé

Master chef Dilara Erbay is a champion at life. She juggles many hats, including executive chef at Cezayir, menu planning, catering affairs, and now full-time mom. Her cooking is absolutely divine! Mmmm...In the kitchen with head chef Zeki Eser.