Sunday, April 29, 2007

Style on Meeting Day

Young fashion designer Eflan B. at Atlas Pasaji.

Detail of the shoes, which she customized herself with her icon.

She also gives workshops on how to customize your clothes and give them new life. So much fun! Photos here.

Today was meeting day:
İstanbul'da tarihi Cumhuriyet Mitingi

Friday, April 20, 2007

Near the Yapi Kredi Sanat Galeri

Aysu is a talented musician and performer and as you can see a wonderfully expressive dresser. Great shawl, boots, sunglasses and smile. Are those flowers for me?

A stylish pair on Istiklal Caddesi

These two positive and energetic girls were so much fun to talk to. They obviously have a talent for styling. On the left, I admire the gold Converse shoes, and actually it matched this wonderful gold-sequined tie she was wearing.

I really like this whole outfit. The skirt is hand-done and only 1 of 6 pieces like it in Istanbul. Nice color harmony and balance, together with the belt, handbag, headscarf and even those funky umbrellas they sell on the boulevard these days. I have one of the same color! :-)

At the entrance to Tunel passage

I spotted two of my best friends in the whole world, Sinan and Ahu Altan while they were out in Asmalimescit. Today sporting the casual look and sharing a moment of chemistry. How cuuute!

A beautiful day in Maçka

Günseli Türkay is always a stylish individual, a friendly personality and a busy fashion designer. She designs for many different brands and in this photo she wears on of her own creations: a black knee length overcoat. I like the way that the sleeves and hemline have an organic flair.

10 minutes by Urban Cafe

While chilling out at a nice, sunny cafe on a back street shortcut that everyone likes to use, I found such treasures. In just a short time, I was able to capture such wonderful people...

Ludwig Lehner is a sup-human diety and that is all there is to it, amigos. Keep your eyes out for the Tünel Street-Art Festival coming in early June and be amazed!

Neşe from More Magazine is styled today in black silk, tres chic bravo.

Yildiz, also from More Magazine, sports a comfortable overcoat and accessories. Dazzling colors all over. I also really like the design of the skirt.

Gizem and Özge are actually very much involved in this project: our monthly Şahane* parties. Thanks to you both for your talented efforts!

What a great backstreet, eh? I love Beyoğlu.